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Product Lines

McDurmon Distributing is committed to providing the marine products our dealers need to keep their customers' boats on the water. We diligently work to maintain our inventories throughout the boating season with the product lines marinas and boat yards need.
We are constantly working to improve our product line to maintain our inventory with parts from quality marine vendors including:
3M | ACDelco |Anchor Bushing | Ancor | Arco | ATD | Attwood |
Bio-Kleen | Boater Sports | BRP | Bundeze | CDI | Champion Spark Plug | Chene Anchor | The Claw | CMC | Cul-Mac | Dexter | Dr. Shrink | EMP | EZ Steer | Evinrude Johnson | FIA | First Mate | Formax | Garland Hammers | Gator Guard | GLM | Handi-Man Marine | Happy Troller | Hardline | HMS Hubs | Hygrade | JIF | Jets Glove | Kanberra | Keelshield | Klingspor | Liquid Dynamics | Marine Machining & Mfg | MarineMart | MarineTech | McGard | Michigan Wheel Marine | Mike’s Prop Shop | Moeller | Morse | NGK Spark Plugs | NOCO | OJ Propeller | Panther | Quicksilver Parts & Accessories | Quicksilver Props | Safe Skeg | Seadog Line | Seastar Solutions/Sierra | Seloc | Skeg Depot | Stingray | Tera Pump | T-H Marine | Tie Down | Toon Jacks | Tredit Tire | Turning Point | Uflex | U.S. Alloy | Viking | Volvo Penta | Wiseco Piston Co. | Wurth

Shop Supplies
Clean-up, Safety, Respirators, Sealant/Lubricant, Welding, Abrasives, Buffing, Solvent, Compounds, Tape, Masks, Gloves

Auxiliary Outboard, Steering Kits, Helms, Bezels, Cables, Hoses, Connections, Power Assist

Electrical, Flushers, Gearcase Tools, Hammers, Lubricant, Propeller Tools, Bader Grinder, Shop Manuals, Ignition Testers

Axle, Boat Support, Jacks, Lights, Loading, Towing, Tires, Bearings, Springs, Rollers, Fenders, Winches, Couplers, Locks

Trim and Leveling
Hydrofoil, Transom Jacks, Trim and Tilt, Trim Tabs, Trim Controls, Trim and Tilt Fluid

Trolling Motors, Props, Breakers, Mounts, Pull Cords, Plates

Shrink-Wrap, Shrink Accessories, Anti-Freeze, Heat Guns, Tape, Vents

Anchors, Anchor Accessories, Dock Lines, Fenders and Accessories, Hooks, Shackles

Boat Accessories
Deck/Interior, Safety, Bimini Tops, Mirrors, Seat Pedestals, Ladders, Oars

Boat Stands
Pontoon Dolly, Marine Dollies, Galvanized Boat Stands, Motor Handling Equipment, Toon Jacks

Controls, Control Cables, Control Connections, Cable Grommets

Alternators, Battery Boxes, Accessories, Fuses, Gauges, Horns, Lighting, Relays, Solenoids, Starters, Switches, Terminals and Connectors, Tilt/Trim, Wiring

Engine Parts
Engine Couplers, New & Remanufactured Engines, Exhaust Manifolds, Gasket Kits, Pistons, Spark Plugs

Assortments, Stainless Steel, HeliCoil, Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Washers

Fuel Systems
Electronic Injection Systems, Fuel Filters, Fuel Lines, Fuel Tanks, Oil Tanks, VRO Pumps, Funnels, Storage Tanks, Fuel Valves, Fuel Fittings

Anodes, Skegs, Anti-Ventilation Plates, Remanufactured and New Gearcases

Stators, Triggers, Power Packs, Switch Boxes, Wire Harnesses, Connectors

Inboard Hardware
Couplings, Packing, Shaft Seals, Strut Bearings

Gear Lubricant, 2-Stroke & 4-Stoke Oil, TC-W32 Outboard Oil, Direct Injection Oil, Marine Engine Oil, Grease, Trim & Tilt Fluid

Cleaners, Wax, Bottom Cleaner, Brushes, Rubbing Compound, Glaze, Paint, Toilet Tissue, Waste Treatment Chemicals

Personal Watercraft
Pistons, Starters

Bilge Pumps, Bilge Plugs, Thru-Hull Fittings, Hose Clamps, Blowers, Aerators, Plumbing Accessories

Outboards, Sterndrives, Inboards, Diffuser and Converging Rings, Vent Plugs, Shear Pins, Propeller Hardware, Propeller Hubs